Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This Guy...

I had this guy named John and he was koo
But I couldn't get past the fact that he never finished high school
Then there was David he was the trap or die type
Nigga was up on the latest clothes but couldn't figure out how to work facebook or skype O.o
My least favorite I nicked named him Pookie
His conversation was wack, all he ever talked about was how he wanted to do me -___-
Oh yea I cant forget Mack, I thought he was my kind of dude
but he didn't open doors or pull out chairs, he was lowkey rude
next came Ced he acted way too much like a little kid
He went through my purse and phone, tried to keep track on everything i did
Then there was Sean, the nigga with the trust issues
always complaining the ex that cheated, Somebody get this guy a tissue
I almost forgot about Marvin, the nigga thought he was chris brown!
He must have thought I was Rihanna but when he raised his hand I knocked that nigga DOWN
There was this guy Tim.............
He claimed to only want to be friends, BUT he only wanted me to talk to him
This other guy Jay, we talked for a while
Until I got a text from his phone that said "Jay is my man"...it was from the mother of his child
Can't forget about the church going, saved and sanctified guy Dre
He was cheating ass dog at night, but a saved pastor by day
Jarvis was my almost favorite, and to say almost maybe petty
He was a good guy, He acted like my man, but when it came to commitment, he claimed he wasn't ready
All these dudes had some type of good qualities
If I could take all of those things and smash them together, I could build the perfect guy for me!


  1. Lol bre bre, I love it...

  2. This is one of my favorites, it's funny but at the same time everyone can relate. Keep the post coming, and keep up the great work!

  3. Lol We were just talking about what if it was possible to make our own man like it is to make a Build A Bear!

    1. Lol call it build a man instead of build a bear lol!!! Works for me!!