Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our Generation...

Somewhere between the past and the present, cheating became expected
People not breaking up and moving on became the norm because weak ass apologies became accepted
In our generation, settling to avoid being alone is the new trend
At the rate we're going thing will get worse before they end
Sleeping alone is all of a sudden starting to bother everybody
So they suck it up and stay with a person who likes to lie and cheat
Our generation is scared to spend time by themselves
Instead of taking time to get over the last, we look to the next for help
People these days get in relationships just to put it on Facebook
You cant stay single too long because it will be viewed as "Not a good look"
People get in relationships just so they wont be alone on Valentines day
We ignore the ones that adore us because of what our friends might say
Marriage is viewed as "my wifey" or "my hubby"'s a game
Our generation has yet to scratch the surface of what real love is...I think that's a damn shame!


  1. Tru i actually do agree with the fact that people are afraid to sleep alone...basically afraid of being alone period..

  2. Bravo Bravo....Like i told you before you forgot the whole point of people just being SELFISH!!