Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Driven By Fear

Having hoes is alright
But you're constantly searching for love in the wrong places, which in return leaves you alone a night
The perfect person for you could be in front of your face but the walls around your heart are too tall, so she's out of your sight
You blame the position that you're in now, on your past
Never taking responsibility for the part you played in relationships that you knew wouldn't last
Hoping that some girl will teach u how to love but you refuse to attend that class
You mentally yearn for some stimulation
But to avoid the thought of getting hurt, you go for the chicks who will only provide you with sexual relations
Once upon a time you weren't ready, now your decisions are driven by fear
One day you'll wake up alone and realize that the one person that could love you unconditionally has been around for years
You'll reach out for her and she'll no longer be here.


  1. Or you can just foc for life lol jp nice tho sis

  2. LOL i mean u could...but doesn't that get old?!?! Thanx brotha!