Monday, April 2, 2012

Single and Lonely...!

 Lately I have been noticing that there are a lot of lonely people in the world. Maybe that’s just my twitter timeline or my facebook mini feed(if u do feel that way...u might want to avoid putting it on a social networking site). Am I the only person that has that one girl that when the sun sets she talks about sleeping alone? Am I the only person that has that one guy that tries to talk to any and everybody? I do not see the big deal with spending time by yourself. Some act as if the single life is the worst thing that ever happened to them. They complain about every holiday and whine all the time about not being happy and talk about relationships all day everyday!! Oh my goodness!!!

                My advice to these lonely people is simply…Spend some time getting to know yourself. It is not possible for you to find true happiness within a relationship if you are not bringing happiness to the relationship. Happiness comes from within. I am a strong believer in “You control your own happiness”! If let someone else control your happiness, when that person leaves, your happiness leaves with that person. We take some of the smallest things for granted. We are too busy complaining about what we don’t have. Okay you don’t have a relationship right now. Think about the people who are in a horrible relationship who are secretly wishing they were single. You must exercise patience. There is a reason that you are single at this point in your life. Enjoy being single! Go see a movie with your friends! Spend more time with your family! Write down some goals that you want to accomplish! Spend time getting to know the person that you are. Write down a list of things that you want in a mate and make sure that the next person you decide to get into a relationship with meets those standards.

                Too many times people are lonely and end up jumping head first into a relationship with a person that they are not supposed to be with. (That sense of loneliness does not go away just because you are in a relationship FYI) Too many times people also stay in bad relationships because due to the fear of being lonely, or alone. If you can’t be happy alone…you can’t be happy in a relationship! Single does not mean lonely!!!! Real talk!

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