Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Keep Me Alive!!!

I sat in the car and I cried
I beat up the stirring wheel, no one was around to see it was late at night
I felt as if I left my heart on your front porch, I died
I worked so hard to be the best person I could for you, I tried
I felt empty, there's nothing left inside
How could the person that I loved, not love me back?
How could you decide to step outside of our relationship instead of telling me what I lacked? 
You smiled in my face, while secretly your bags you packed
The pain I felt in that moment I can't describe
I had to choose, let your infidelity kill me or let the little piece of me that I kept hidden keep me alive
That night in my car I found a lost piece of me
I learned what love for myself is, and what love for another person should never be...

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