Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Yanni Pooh *RIP*

Yanni had A smile that would brighten up the darkest day!
She brought happiness to the lives of many in her own special way.
 "You guys I'm good, don't worry", that's what I think she would say.
Bad things shouldn't happen to good people like her, so this pain will probably never go away.
What we fail to remember is that we serve a God that never seizes to amaze.
He knows that by many people Yanni was loved.
He needed her with him so now she smiles down on us from above.
Yanni is probably the best dancer in heaven,Micheal probably gave her his sequence glove!
As much as I wish Yanni was here with me,
I know she's out of harm's way up there with the KING.
Even though this pain cuts deeper than any sharp knife.
Let us not mourn Yanni's death, Let's celebrate her LIFE.

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