Tuesday, March 20, 2012


*Inspired by Drake's Marvin's Room*
Phone ringing off the hook, guess I should get that.
Then I see who it is, let them go to voicemail and I'll call back.
Haven't seen that number in a while, kinda thru me off track.
Dialed 1 to hear my messages and I hear his voice.
He's apologizing for the late call, but he has a new chick so he had no choice.
He wants to meet up so we have the talk we never had.
Pit of my stomach is in knots, feelings all bad.
I can hear the club music in the background.
Drinks must be in his system cuz now he's ranting about me letting him come back around.
The message continues and he says "the nigga that You wit aint shit!"
This coming from a nigga that's leaving drunk voicemails, n has a chick.
At the end he says "you might love that nigga, but that nigga will never love you like me".
I remember how he "Loved" me and quickly pressed DELETE!

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