Monday, March 19, 2012

Friend Zone

I don't understand dudes.
It seems to me that yall prefer chicks with a basic mindset and an even more basic attitude.
Yall glorify the gold diggers and make the strags think they're cool.
Don't let me start on the males that blame them cheating on the fact that their girlfriend went off to school. Dudes are quick to put real women in the friend zone.
And to that same "friend" whine about the goofy chick you're letting do you wrong.
I'm starting to think yall are scared of the women that are smart, independent and beautiful.
Yall are quick to wife the chicks that have no goals, no morals and the chicks that make you look like a fool.
Yes she has a fat Ass, but what else is she bringing to the table?
Yes I do for my Damn self...but being "too independent" is what I'm labeled.
But its cool...its not you, its me!
I've have a certain taste in men, you c.
And I don't use the term MAN loosely.
I need a man who is man enough to notice the woman in front of him and not leave me be.
A man who knows that Ima a catch and the last of a dying breed

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  1. Yea that's true I was one of those Guys but I am still learning and Maturing now. But to you and Ladies Focus on you ur goals and on that path that guy will find ub and catch up with you