Tuesday, March 20, 2012

He's Different...

The lack of confidence is what makes him feel inadequate which in return makes him scared to commit.
He tells every girl that they are heaven sent.
Every nice word he says isn't one that he ever meant.
He secretly hopes that one of the many chicks he lays with is "the one".
Deepest thoughts in his mind, he wishes he could un-do all the damage that he's done.
To his guys he's that nigga and to the chicks he's different.
What he really wants is a woman who won't fall for his bullshit.
He spends his nights alone but tends to let people think other wise.
Hoping and praying that one day a woman will cross his path that will make him feel as if he's won the ultimate prize.
But what he doesn't realize is that he's paying the ultimate price.
His man-hood makes him look at the baddest bitch in the club instead of the chick that looks good and her personality is nice.
Instead of thinking long term, his ego makes him think about who he can take home for the night.
He swears he's not like everybody else, but fails to see how he's just like every other guy.....

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