Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Do You Like Me? Yes,No or Maybe?

I remember in the 5th grade a boy that I liked sent me a note that read "Do you like me? Check YES or NO". In the 7th grade I got another note from another boy and it read "Do you like me? Check YES, NO or MAYBE". Within two years liking someone became complicated and I did not realize it. Now that I am older I ask, what happened to the days where you either liked someone or you didn't? Who added "maybe" to the mix? What happened to the days when guys would ask girls on a date? Is chivalry really dead? As if like and love aren't complicated enough throw a few social media sites in the mix and you have a whole situation of confusion. Times are changing. Complicated is the new simple and simple is the new complicated.

There was once a day where if a male like a female he would ask her on a date. If guy did not like the girl, he simply wouldn't ask her on a date.  In 2013 dating seems to be completely out of the window and the new thing is "kicking it" or "hanging out". If a guy asks you to "kick it" there's no way of knowing if he likes you or not. He may just want some company or a new female friend or he could really like you, but who knows? Call me old fashion but I need things to be clear and "hanging out" does not provide any sort of clarity. If you like a person what's wrong with asking them on a date? No she doesn't want to play things by ear, she wants you to take control of the situation and make things happen. If you like a person, take the time out to plan a date. Even if it is just a simple dinner and movie, at least put forth some effort to show that you are interested. If you are not interested, make that clear. Make sure the person you are hanging out with knows that you are just "hanging out" and nothing more.

Although times have changed and people have tried to complicate things, the answers to the question "Do you like me" still remain simple, yes or no. 


  1. The way they appoach you nowadays tells you what they about in seconds!!

  2. First off, think our generation has given birth to a different type of woman. The woman who is so desperate for a man's attention that she doesnt care about chivalry. (I also think chivalry IS indeed dead) I think dating is close to extinct. People dont really know what courting someone consists of. This is how it SHOULD go:
    Theres something about you I like. Id like to get to KNOW you and see if it leads elsewhere. You get to know a person by TALKING to them. You go out to dinner, bars, movies. You talk about your experiences at these places with the person youre interested in. From those conversations we get a look at each others morals, beliefs, common interests. Thats how you get to know someone. Courting is dead! We think we are owed something for taking a woman to dinner. Most of us are just trying to "hook up". But of course, we leave that little detail out. Then what happens is one person is persistent enough to make you THINK their interest runs beyond hooking up so they can get what they want...social networking has also fucked shit up for us. The cowardly, socially awkward, lazy, or the "catfish" are ppl who hide behind these computers. Now were ONLINE dating. I dont understand how you can DATE someone ONLINE! I need to see you...im like a dog. I have to smell you...look at your movements, body language...take in your aura...but again...this is not the way most ppl go about dating. Its very complex...but it could b so simple.