Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bitter B-Words...

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She's "bitter"
Maybe because you quit her
Or maybe because you hit her
But those are things she should get over right?
Just ignore all the hard work and sleepless nights?
Lets not forget all the texts messages and phone calls that led to fights
She loved you the best way she knew how but that wasn't enough
She tried to hold on to the memories but disrespect became too much
She tried walking away from you, but when you noticed you held on tighter
You sold her dreams of a better day, and reminded her that she was a fighter
So she stayed
Only again, to be embarrassed and played
Her "Knight and Shining Armor" turned into the Joker
He broke down the walls she built from her past hurt, only to make a joke out of her
She didn't break her own heart, or maybe she did because she stayed too long
She believes that time will heal all wounds and one day this situation will make her strong

How can a person go through so much and be expected to just "get over it". When you give your all to a person and it is not returned, you are drained. When you are the only person fighting for the relationship that 2 people built but one person is destroying, you feel pain. I do not understand why so many people call females "bitter" because they aren't "over" a situation, or over a relationship. Hurt doesn't go away overnight. 

You have to work through things, not just "get over " them. 
You don't know her story. You have no idea what she went through in that relationship. So, before you call her bitter, before you judge her, before you decided that you are an expert of her life, get to know her. Understand her story. I am not saying that there are no bitter people in the world, but those people have stories...You think you know, but you have no idea!


  1. I love it cuzo! Very true and I see this way too often! You definitely can't judge someone until you know what they've been thru!

  2. I love it cuzo! Very true and I see this way too often! You definitely can't judge someone until you know what they've been thru!

  3. UNDERSTAND ME!!! This speaks to me! YOU feel and understand me, what it is like, and the emotions that are stirred in my insides!!!

  4. I really like the blog only because I went threw the same with a woman I was with for #6 years and had a very good bond with ..we both made mistakes but @ the end because I cheated I lost a very special person I just feel in life god wants realationships to be a stepping stool because you have to go threw your ups & dwns with your mate & the two tht can survive it all & still make it together really wins you are going to go threw things in life so being bitter is to me just a excuse to be a certain type of way Thts unattractive even if you did go threw bad realationships especially when the woman already know how good or how bad the guy is but with todays woman they more so like the guy with 4 babymamas ...the guy they know got a girl ...or just the guy they know will be unfaithful & last they really dont care as long as we look good together & can have a pretty baby ..its crazy & not his plan but its life we Speack...learn from your mistakes & get better Thts all to it Trust tht he will make all things shine #

  5. Well put sis so many deal with unnecessary drama that they don't have to put up with. Women are our queens n shouldn't settle for anything less. Keep up tha good sis!! Don't forget about me wen u make it big imma be harassing u for my Italian ice Lmao

  6. I love it. Embarrassingly enough, even at this age, I can relate.