Monday, August 12, 2013

It takes a village...

Lately I have been searching for new blog topics and I couldn't come up with anything. BUT my Aunt Yo said that I should write about what I care about so, here it goes!!

I have a serious problem with how the children in my neighborhood are being raised. I say my neighborhood because I have no clue if they are being raised this way in other places. I live on a block with a lot of kids between the ages of 0-18! WHY DON'T THESE KIDS HAVE CURFEWS? WHERE IS YOUR MOTHER?? I hear them outside of my house cursing and fighting ALL THE TIME!! It has gotten so bad that I had to come outside and break up a fight. I felt like the little old lady on the block! BUT it did not bother me because when I was growing up, this is what the older people on my block would do. Looking back on my childhood, I can honestly say the quote "It takes a village to raise a child" was applied. I couldn't go far in my neighborhood without seeing and speaking to someone that knew my parents. Older people would ask me "where are you going Bre" or my personal favorite "do your parents know that you're over here" (they still ask me that and I'm grown lol). Back then I used to get super mad. Why are they being so nosy? My parents know where I am! I have one father and one mother!...That was the attitude I had BUT I never said those things out loud. Now that I am older I appreciate those people who cared about my well being. I appreciate them sitting on the porch and looking out for the kids on the block. Until now, I never completely understood what it meant for "the village" to raise the child.

What happened to "the village"? What happened to helping each other and supporting each other?  All of a sudden, no one wants to get involved YET you complain. Now a days, people are scared to CHECK these little kids! When did clubbing become more important than putting your child to sleep? When did updating a facebook status become more important than reading your child a book? When did buying an outfit make you a parent? Then people wonder why kids are acting up at school or out here in these streets. It starts at home. Am I the only person that remembers the saying 'HOME TRAINING"??

No I do not have children BUT I do have parents! My parents sacrificed for my siblings and I! My homework was checked every night. I got on punishment or whooped when I acted a FOOL! My parents provided me with everything that I needed and the things that I wanted they provided if they could. My parents knew that their children needed examples of what type of people to be because sometimes the outside world doesn't offer up many good examples. Not only did my parents educate me school wise but they taught me the difference between right and wrong. They instilled morals and values in me that I will teach to my children and that I try to teach to any child I come across. My parents were there to put band aids on my cuts and bruises. My parents are PARENTS! They didn't leave us with other people every single day so that they could go out and do pointless things.

I know that no one is perfect and sometimes you can't give your child EVERYTHING. But what is the harm in trying? I understand that parents need lives too. BUT just remember that your children didn't ask to be here. and if you wanted that much of a life and time with your friends, maybe you should have thought about that before having a kid. Your children should come first. I am tired of seeing parents put their children and their children's needs to side. Do not have kids if you aren't ready. If you already have children and you can't take care of that 1, don't have ANYMORE!!!!! I swear it's that easy!

We have to get back to the Village helping to raise the child. We have to get back to the days where WE as a village take some responsibility for the children in our community. As much as we want to blame everyone else for the ongoing violence in our city, there is no one to blame but us. The people shooting aren't aliens from a far away civilization in a galaxy beyond the stars!!!! They are your neighbor's kids. They are people that you grew up with. They are kids that you have watched grow up. They are apart of the village. Until we take our village back, until we start taking more responsibility for what goes on in our neighborhoods, we can expect a change. That change starts at home!!!!

 I take my hat off to any parent who is trying their best to make sure that their child(ren) are taken care of. I know it is not easy, especially in the world we live in today. I appreciate you!

Turn down for what? Because you have a child at home that hasn't seen you all week!!! 


  1. Great post!!!! I agree with you!!! I ask the same thing when I see kids out late these kids so disrespectful now. I had home training my mama didn't play that. It does take a village to raise a child now a days you can't tell kids nothing cuz their parents will throw a fit. Then wonder why kids act the way they do. Ppl need to go back to teaching their kids respect and home training.

  2. ������ I was recently saying how there isn't a village anymore. Some people are scared to approach these kids/teenagers when they see or hear them acting out due to fear of "are they gonna fight me, are they gonna shoot me?" and sad to say, some people just don't care because "it's none of my business". But in reality, its all our business and it starts at home. If you have a niece, nephew, younger Sis, brother, cousin and obviously a child, educate them to the ignorant ways of their actions, words, and this world.

  3. Great post! I totally agree. my parents would break their foot off in my ass if they knew I was acting a fool! And a lot of kids need that they need their parents or other family memebers to teach them Better. my lil brother and cousins know I better not hear nothing bad about them or its me and them.

  4. Great post! Totally agree

  5. Bre i seen a situation where the mother went to go get the daughter to fight.... The kids today need correct guidance and alot of these parts can't provide it because it's too many kids having kids.

  6. Being a product of the Village. I am grateful for those who cared enough to feel accountable for my development and my safety. I appreciate your points and the sense of conviction we all must take with one another. Pay it forward. A.D.