Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Friend...Steve Agee

Almost a year ago I lost a good friend...Steve Agee! He was one of those people for of those always smiling, always overall GREAT person! He gave thee best hugs! Through losing Steve I learned to not question GOD and the things that he does because even when he answers, I STILL don't understand. I miss my friend...I really miss my friend...But in my own little way I'm making sure his memory stays alive. After you read this poem...if you knew Steve please leave a memory of him in the comment box below, and if you did not know Steve I hope this helps you get to know him... just a little.

I never in a million years thought I'd miss you in this way

You not being here so I can hear your laugh or hug you...I never thought I'd see the day

The hurt in your loved ones eyes still remains

Life goes on they say...but it just doesn't feel the same

Those jokes...those precious moments...I'd give anything for another

I know I'm hurting...but I cant imagine the pain of your brother...father...and your mother...

But there is one thing that I want you to know, we will keep your memory alive

We will do our best in all we do, for greatness we will strive

You taught me to not worry about every little thing, just hop on life's rollercoaster and ride

You inspired so many and we all want to do the same

So there are so many things being started up in your memory, in yout name

So yes we still hurt from losing you but in that loss you have opened so many doors

We are forever reminded that life is ABOUT SO MUCH MORE


  1. This is beautiful. I'm sure Steve would be happy to know that you've done this for him. All of us can truly relate to this. I've never seen someone smile harder. I've never seen someone really and I mean really apppreciate life and and strive for a better future. Altough this is hard for us, we must understand that God had a plan. Steve gave each of us something here on Earth. It is up to us to share whatever that may have been to us individually with someone else.

    Truly missed!

  2. What i remember about him is that he was a cool person & showed love to anyone he was cool with one story i remember is when my dude zo got into it @ 7 eleven he came bk to the house telling this story on how this dude was tryn to square up with him story had the house rolling anyway i guess everybody ran out & shot up to 7 eleven steve & zo was the first to run up steve knew one of the boys & stop instantly was like no,no, no, yall can't jump them in these my lil niggaz they cool as hell the whole group stops looks like wtf# oh aight then walk away funny as hell steve was real nigga true & i miss fam much luv stay blessed to those who reading & hug my mom for me g # R.I.P STEVE YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MISSED #

  3. What i remember most about Steve was his personality. He was a fun person to be around. Everytime we bumped into each other, we made it look like we hadnt seen each other in years lol. The last time i seen you was at Stevo for our program. It was like a reunion. I will keep you in my memories. Love you Steve, rest in heaven

  4. I miss my "Big Boy Baby" I miss his smile, I miss his wisdom and advice. Just one more hug and one more wet kiss on my cheek. S/O to my baby...11/23/11
    Chaz was wrong

  5. Steve was a real cool & nice guy. We were never formally introduced to each other, but he would still talk to me, give me a hug here & there, & would still crack jokes with me. He is truly missed but will never be forgotten. A true down to earth guy!