Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Letter to my 5 year old self...

Dear BreAuna aka Bre(lol)

       I hope that you are ready for a life that no one but GOD knew you would live. There will be many ups, BUT there will be a lot of downs. At one point in your life, your downs will make you feel beyond low. You will feel as if nothing you do is good enough. Not good enough for your friends, not good enough for your family, not good enough for the world and not good enough for GOD. You will grow up knowing that GOD and your family love you NO MATTER WHAT, but there will come a time when that is not enough. You will search for love in what seems to be all of the wrong places. BUT what you will learn from that search is that the love you were searching for has been in your face your entire life. NO dude will be able to love you more than GOD. And when you do meet a nice, loving and caring MAN, he won’t make you feel alone. He'll be there whenever you need him. He'll see that you are clearly a dork and corny as hell, but he'll still stick around, and he'll laugh at your horrible jokes!! Let your guard down, he won’t hurt you. There will come a time when you will not know who you are, what you are here for and why GOD placed you in a family where you will feel as if you do not belong. There is a reason for everything HE does, so do not fear what he has in store for you. Some nights you will cry yourself to sleep because you will feel as if you do not fit in. People will make you feel as if you have to change who YOU are to make THEM feel more comfortable in THEIR skin. DO NOT CHANGE!!!!!!! You will always be outspoken and head strong but that is a part of who you are. That is how GOD created you and if GOD wanted the input of others on how to create you I'm sure he would have asked them for their help. BUT since he didn't tell them to shut the hell up!!! You will have a lot of people you call friends...those people will get you thru some of the hardest times of your life. BUT some of those people will not be around as long as you may think they should be. They will leave you, some will have a "reason", others will not. There is nothing you can do to make people stay in your life! If they want to be there, they will be there! Stay the loyal person that your parents will raise you to be! Even when being fake is what other people are doing around you, stay loyal!!! Stay loyal to your friends, family, boyfriends, and GOD. And do not forget to stay loyal to yourself! Your family, as irritating and crazy as they maybe, show them as much love as possible. They love you! NO MATTER WHAT, THEY LOVE YOU! THEY LOVE YOUR SMILE! THEY LOVE YOUR STYLE! THEY LOVE YOU EVEN WHEN YOU PISS THEM OFF! THEY LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO! Oh yea...when you get older there are some people that you will call your friends...those people are the true definition of what friends should be. And even though some friends will hurt you, these friends are different. They love you for the head strong, independent, outspoke person who are! They will show you what it is like to have people in your corner no matter what happens between you. And don’t forget about you baby....She will look up to you! She will try to mirror some things you do. You are an example for her; pave the way for her and your older brother! I know it may sound crazy now, but they both depend on you. Remember to make yourself happy even if it means that others do not agree with what you are doing. Last but not least BreAuna...Even when you feel alone, and you feel low, and you feel as if your best isn't good enough...when you feel like crying...when you feel like smiling...when you feel stressed...and when you are at your best...remember to give GOD all the praise BECAUSE LITERALLY...WITHOUT HIM YOU WOULD NOT BE HERE....HE'S THE ONLY ONE THAT LOVED YOU THE DAY YOU ENTERED THIS EARTH...WHEN YOU DIDN'[T HAVE NAME...WHEN YOU DIDN'T HAVE A FAMILY...HE WRAPPED HIS ARMS AROUND YOU AND CAREFULLY PLACED YOU WHERE YOU SHOULD BE. NO MATTER WHAT HE LOVES YOU!

                                                                                 Sincerly, Your 24 year old self! <3

Writing this letter to myself helped me in so many ways I couldn't even begin to explain! What would you say to yourself at a young age??? Think about it...you may even learn somethings about yourself that you didn't know! <3


  1. BRAVO, BRAVO! Im happy to be one of those friends, thanks for making me tear up too lol

  2. lol thank you...whoever you are!!!! lol