Thursday, September 20, 2012


She held on long as she could
I asked her to make sure she stayed around for graduation...She promised she would
I admire the fight in her, I hope the same fight is in me
Because there will one day come a time when I am trying to hold on to this life...But GOD will want me to be free
I wonder if she asked GOD for one more day
If she asked HIM to let her stay
Even if she did, her request was denied because HE took her away
I remember the last time we talked...I held her hand
Even though her body wasn't functioning properly and mine was...she told me to sit, dont stand
She whispered "baby no matter what, take care of yourself and your fam".
And I replied while looking into her eyes "Grandma dont worry, I am".
My stomach dropped because I knew that this was the end
I would never be able to talk to my favorite person ever again
I was so close to crying
Because the only person that ever understood me was so close to dying
And even though she didnt have much strength left, she continued to give
Within her last breath she continued to live...

There was a very important lesson that I learned from losing my grandma to Cancer(of the blood)...LIVE!!!!!! NO matter what the situation is you have to continue to live. Even when there's nothing left in you, you have to live until your last breath leaves your body. I promised my Grandma that I would take care of my family and myself. The best way I know how to do that is to LIVE. So that day I also promised my grandma that No matter what I would try my best to appreciate life everyday that I get the chance to live it. So this blog post is dedicated to her and to everyone else that has taught me how to live! *RIP* Grandma...I miss you!