Monday, August 20, 2012


Note from BreAuna...I have only been in one serious relationship in my entire LIFE and I'm not married so it obviously didn't work out. BUT my parents have been married for over 27 years! I have watched their relationship grow over the years. They have set a great example for me! I also know a lot of other married couples and other couples that have been together for years. I also do research on relationships! NOT that any of this is your business! BUT let me help you out...If you do not like what is said on MY BLOG DO NOT READ IT!!!

I recently had a conversation with my boss. She said that she was watching a TV show and they stated that Our generation and the two generations before us are lost when it comes to relationships. They said that there is no hope for these three generations, we do not value marriage and we do not know the meaning of LOVE. She asked me if I agreed with these things and this was my response....

The Problem: I can only speak for this generation...I TOTALLY agree that THIS generation is lost when it comes to relationships. Cheating has become the norm and people are accepting lies left and right. I do not completely blame our generation for the problems that we have now. There is a lack of good and healthy relationships that we can use as an example or a blueprint. No one taught us the value of relationships. NO one taught these young ladies to demand respect and except nothing less than 100% from a man. NO one taught these young men to open doors, pull out chairs and to respect women. No one is teaching...BUT that is not an excuse!

Is there a SOLUTION???
 I do not know the exact answer...but I have some suggestions

Ladies: Stop trying to find yourself in a man! Know and LOVE yourself before you try to get to Know and LOVE a man! When you LOVE and RESPECT yourself you will never let another man cheat on you, lie to you constantly, abuse you, you use and overall Disrespect you! When A MAN sees that YOU love YOU he will LOVE you too! We must demand more from these men! They are cheating because WE allow them to in many ways than 1!!! There are females who do not know their worth which leads them into being okay with being the "sidechick". We have to respect each other and each others relationships! It is not okay for women to mess with a man when we are aware that he is in a relationship!!! As long as there are women who are okay with being nothing but a side chick we will not make any progress.  As long as there are women who will allow a man to cheat on them we will not make any progress. SHARING IS NOT CARING!!!!!

Males: It is important that YOU LOVE YOURSELVES too! As much as you may think that is something that a female needs to work on...Its obvious by some of your selection of females that You all need to love yourselves more as well! You should want a female that expects a lot from you and respects herself and you!  There is no harm in being in a relationship with one person. Giving your all to one woman can be a good thing. If you have a woman that is giving you her all and helping you in anyway possible...if you know she's different than any other female you have come across treat her the way you would treat your mother, or the way you would want a young man to treat your daughter! Personally I feel that the more you entertain the females that disrespect themselves the more females will continue to do so. EXAMPLE: Wale said he wanted an ambitious girl...all of a sudden chicks started going to school and getting jobs....If more males had higher standards...maybe females would step their game up.

I would rather be alone than be in a relationship where I am not happy, and I am getting disrespected! Everyone deserves to be treated with respect! Everyone deserves to be loved!!!! Everyone needs to work on becoming a better them and demanding what you deserve! Its crazy that we will not let a stranger on the street disrespect us but we will allow someone who claims to love us, constanly disrespect us! Raise your standards and do not apologize for doing so!

It will take an honest effort from both males and females in order to change the current situation...until then our generation will continue to be lost!


  1. *Finger snaps, finger snaps* LOVE how you stated that it basically starts within ourselves-loving ourselves and knowing who we are! Another problem with our generation is we get "working on a relationship and trying" confused with staying with a person that blatantly disrespects them time and time because they are afraid to let go, good job BOI!

  2. Agree 110% ���� so sad that OUR generation & Race is sooo lost wen it comes 2 BEAUTIFUL things such as Love, & Marriage!! TRUE love includes everything Thas needed on both ends! If there's no respect or loyalty, it ain't love!! & it's sad 2 say that a lot of the GOOD WOMEN have 2 learn the hard way after being inlove for YEARS with someone that pretended 2 love them in return!! Never in a million years would a woman that love & respect herself wu ever be okay with bein the "other" woman!! & if she don't love herself, FELLAS think twice about leaving behind wat u have 4 a chick with no self love & respect!! Everything that glitters ain't gold!! We have to learn more about loyalty, everything ain't gon b peaches & cream but u have 2 b loyal enuff 2 one another to fight & survive the bad times!! Loyalty is non exsistent nowadays!! Smh bl

  3. Love it!!! U r speaking the truth girl..