Wednesday, August 1, 2012

HMMMmmm Interesting!

Recently I have noticed that males have been doing a lot of women bashing. At first I thought maybe a few dudes were going through some similar issues at the same time. THEN I noticed that it was almost every dude on Twitter and Facebook...constantly going in on females...

I find it a tad bit off that so many males can comment on what females do YET do some of those same things themselves...

Example...Males look at females as being insecure if they stay with a male that does not treat them right. BUT I am noticing that a lot of males are doing the exact same thing! Chicks are keying your cars! Sleeping with your bestfriends! BUT you are still with them or messing with them. Doesn't that make you insecure too then? #pause...lets not get started on the type of chicks that you are spending your time with and money on...#strags....yet SOME dudes are soooooooo quick to say that a woman is insecure!

Since we are on the topic of being insecure...I must address this...
Any male that chases after a numerous amount of females is insecure...YEAH I said it!!! As much as a female should be able to be by herself, not be in a relationship, love herself should a MALE!!! I know sooo many dudes that CAN'T be alone! They always have to have a girlfriend or a main chick or a handful of chicks!!! Any dude seeking the love and affection of a lot of females needs to have a seat and really think about why he can't be alone. The love from GOD and yourself should be enough...and the love from GOD, yourself, family and ONE woman should really be enough...IM JUST SAYING! MAYBE if you all took some time to know ONE WOMAN...TREATED HER all would see what its like to have the FULL attention, love and respect from a WOMAN! I'm telling you...its an amazing thing!! (shout out to my Mommy who has been married to my Daddy for 27 years)<<<<It's possible!
A GROWN MAN that is secure with himself does not need/want the attention and affection of many different females..

Moving on...
Ummmm why is it that it's NOT OKAY for a female to want a relationship??? I have seen soooo many dudes call chicks thirsty and tell them to cool out on the looking for a man thing...YET after the sun goes down all the dudes searching for a chick start DM'ing and inboxing trying to get put on? #Pause....FYI God didn't put us on this earth to be alone...So the need and want to be with someone else is natural and normal!!!! I do not think its okay for a male to put a female down just because she is looking for Mr.Right...In no way am I saying that chicks should be super thirtsty to find a dude but You can't look down on her for not wanting to be alone and wanting someone to love her and someone to love...I'M JUST SAYING!

Speaking of Mr.Right.......
OMG not every dude is Mr.Right and I really want you all to know that! This act that SOME dudes have been putting on has got to stop!!! The new game(if you are not aware) is that SOME dudes are acting as if they have had their hearts broken just to get a chick to feel bad for them(for whatever reason). Pretending to be a "Good Guy" is not cool AT ALL! It really makes it hard for the GOOD GUYS that are REALLY out there . Just how strags are out here claiming to be GOOD GIRLS isn't cool...The same rules apply!

Last but not least...this is a personal pet peeve of mine...
IM SOOOO TIRED OF YOU FAKE STEVE HARVEYS!!! Just because he wrote a book trying to help women...doesnt mean that YOU get to shoot shots and try to "help" females with their problems. SHUT UP!!!!! But dont let a female try to help a male understand anything(sports,life) then there is a problem. SMH!



  1. Thank you...whoever you are! lol

  2. Yes yes and another yes!!!!! Speak the truth girl!!!! I love it!!! Real and to the point!!! Keep writing girl!!! Give people their reality check!!!

  3. ^^^^thank u!!!! I'm really happy people can relate and like what I am writing!