Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Act Your Wage!!

I hear a new song about "checking a bag" or "getting money" almost everyday. While those rap songs may work in the club or in your car, applying them to reality is becoming a problem. What I am noticing is that a lot of people seem to be more content with looking like a million bucks rather than actually having a million bucks.

There is nothing wrong with wanting and getting nice things. There is nothing wrong with looking nice and treating yourself. BUT it becomes a problem when you are able to buy a Gucci belt that cost $500 but are aren't able to put $40 worth of gas in your car. It becomes a problem when you have a $1200 purse on your arm yet your bank account has $7.50 in it. Where are your priorities? 

Impressing the person next to you should never be your main focus. Some people can't seem to find employment because they are too worried about impressing the next person. "STUNTING" is not a full time job! "Stunting" does not pay the bills. The people that you are trying to impress are probably about as broke as you are or have less than what you have.

What people fail to realize is that those Gucci belts go out of style every season. That Gucci purse will be out of season in two months. There is will be a new purse or a new belt and then you will expected (by those same broke people you are trying to impress) to have the new belt and purse. 

Too many times we think of temporary success or of temporary things in general. So instead of saving up money to purchase a house or something that would be more permanent in our lives we spend money on things that will come and go. Can you pass that belt down to your children? Is that purse going to put a roof over your head?

Instead of thinking of the temporary satisfaction, think Longevity


  1. Love it!! You always speak the truth! The fact that ppl always impressing ppl with material things when they ain't paying your bills!! How about impressing yourself or them with the fact that you're more than being materialistic. How about impressing yourself with a degree your own home a career a business. Think about your future.

  2. U already know I agree... these materials only last for so long...I rather see more businesses and buildings any day than belts and whatever b word you were just thinking


  3. Sadly, someone will see this and say "so I'm still getting what I want to buy" not realizing that the riches and materials they see on tv or hear about on songs are a facade, rented, and going back to the original owner. Some people dont know the value of a dollar. Some people dont even know the difference between being rich and being wealthy! Should there be some type of financial literacy classes hosted within our communities. Most definitely. Good write bro!

  4. I love it. I preach this all the time